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Grade Results Digital Courseware

Grade Results Digital Courseware offers several modalities that support individualized, personalized and differentiated learning.

Modality A

Self-paced access to online courses and lessons; suitable for students that are self-directed.

Modality B

Online classroom with limited instruction; which gives a group of student access to an instructor and online lessons of worked problems/examples.

Modality C

Online classroom with instruction in a one-on-one tutorial session.

As students progress through course lessons, they will discover the digital multimedia content with animations, interactive learning tools, videos, avatars to engage and motivate students, formative and summative assessments, and activities which will enhance the learning process. The evaluative method of assessment includes multiple-choice questions and conceptual short-answer questions. Questions range in difficulty from the Knowledge level of Bloom’s Taxonomy to higher order thinking questions. Courses are essentially self-paced, with the ability to connect with a live online instructor to obtain assistance for content clarification or the ability to ask question for greater understanding of materials.

Grade Results will customize courses and follow client’s specifications and curriculum calendar.

During the past five years Grade Results’ research shows that students have increased academic achievement on pre and posttests on Grade Results’ embedded tests and measures, national and state standardized tests, and measures that are selected by the client. Part of this success can be attributed to the flexible and adaptable nature of service delivery.

All of these modalities are interchangeable, and have been combined in many school settings. For example, it’s possible for a student to begin with a one-one-one tutorial and migrate to working with online course materials in a self-directed manner.